Five Cats on a Welsh Blanket


I have a cat. Sometimes I wish I had more cats but then I remember how bad the cat food smells and I'm glad I've just got the one. This papercut has been designed for a cat lover who also likes pattern. The pattern is inspired by Welsh blankets but that's because I'm Welsh and not because I have a blanket (although I wouldn't mind one). It's a limited edition lasercut paper collage in an edition of 100 from Italian 160gms heavyweight textured black paper. The smokey pink colour is hand collaged and varies slightly with each piece. Do not rely on your screen for accuracy of the colour. The papercut is relief mounted onto acid free mount board to create shadows and give an illusion of depth

Supplied to you in protective polythene, it is unframed and the perfect way to present it is in a simple white box or shadow frame.

The image size is approx 18cm x 9cm and the overall size of the picture including the mount is A4 (29cm x 21cm)

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