Stay Positive Paper Cut for Maggie’s Charity


I’ve been using my isolation time to work on this paper cut to promote staying staying positive.
The UK and Welsh charities need our help more than ever, so I’ll be donating 50% of the sales from these Papercuts to @maggiesswansea, offering support to cancer patients and their families. 

This A5 paper cut has been cut out of black, white and coloured paper and there are two tags at the top from which to hang it. I used cotton which is virtually invisible when you hang the paper cut. I have a limited amount of materials and will stop making them as soon as I run out of supplies. 
It’ll be sent flat between card and delivery within the UK is FREE.  £3 to everywhere else in the world.

They look great if hung from a window frame where they can move in the breeze (inside) and the shadows will also move when the light shines through the cut out pieces

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