Large Scale Printed Architectural Paper Cutting Template


This large scale printed Paper Cutting Template will keep you occupied for hours! A perfect way to spend a few mindful and contemplative afternoons.

It is similar in scale and composition to the paper cut image shown here hanging in the window, but the template you will receive will be white when finished.  

Size: 60cm x 86cm

The template is for PERSONAL USE ONLY and the copyright remains the property of Caroline Rees.
This means that you can cut it for yourself or give it as a gift BUT you cannot SELL the finished pieces, or the template itself or anything at all made from the image or design. You must not alter or copy this design without prior permission nor claim it as your own design.
Do not pass the template on to anyone - this includes digital file sharing, and make sure that credit is given to Caroline Rees if you share or post images of your final cutting online.

You will just need a cutting mat, a Swann Morton scalpel & blade or a very very sharp craft knife and a flat stable table to work on.

Please note that the paper cut design will be supplied to you rolled up in a tube and it will be easier to cut if you flatten it under a heavy weight for a time first.