FRAMING  A box or shadow frame is recommend for your papercut as the rebate keeps the glass away from the papercut which has been mounted in relief to create shadows and give a 3d effect. The papercut has been mounted onto acid free board and no mount is needed. If you purchase a small square papercut or a large square papercut, these have been designed to fit the Ikea Ribba box frames which are available in both a black and white finish. Alternatively your framer may make a bespoke frame to your specification.

PAPERCUT / LASERCUT  a papercut is exactly what it says - cut paper usually made into a picture or artwork; lasercut refers to the method used to cut the paper (or any other medium). I draw the artwork onto black paper and cut this by hand to make sure it works and looks good. If I'm happy with it then I trace my drawing in a special computer programme to create a digital file. This is then sent to a laser cutter and multiple copies can be cut, although I limit all my editions to a maximum of 100.

PRODUCTS  Theres a limited range of products designed by Caroline Rees.

STUDIO VISITS  Please email caroline@carolinerees.co.uk or ring me on 07887767556 if you would like to visit my studio.