All Paper Cutting Templates

Paper Cutting is a traditional skill which harks back to a more simple era, and I have adapted this technique to create contemporary designs and images which are relevant to today. 

As experiences and expanding your skill set become ever more important amongst people who are moving away from mass consumerism, the best way to create a heartfelt and thoughtful gift is to ‘make it yourself’! Paper Cutting is a creative, relaxing and therapeutic process and is a perfect antidote to the stress of the modern world.

With this in mind I have decided to launch my distinctive paper cut designs as templates and kits. They will be available online only and can either be purchased as a digital download, a file to be emailed to you or a physical ready to cut template which will arrive in the post.

“Many thanks for this and my husband loved the ‘Together’ paper cut that I made and framed for a valentines gift. Such lovely, modern paper cuts without the fussiness!     Ruby”

*NEW* A selection of templates are now available in a soft and muted colour palette - Rose, Mint, and Midnight in addition to the standard black.